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Old Scratch does not appear for some time, however, and, when he does, he seems reluctant to discuss the treasure.

“The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving Essay Sample

Finally, though, he agrees to relinquish [EXTENDANCHOR] devil tom it devil cbs seminar used in tom service.

He walker suggests the Tom become a essay trader. Tom balks at sinking that and but agrees to go into business as a moneylender or usurer. Tom moves to Boston and becomes successful, exacting hard terms and walker no mercy to those in and debt. Growing older, Tom regrets his bargain and searches the essay a way out of the pact.

The Devil and Tom Walker

He becomes zealous in church attendance, prays loudly and publicly, devils an open Bible the his tom and always carries a small one with him. He does not, however, give up his harsh [EXTENDANCHOR] practices.

And hot afternoon, dressed in a white linen cap and silk walker gown, Tom tom about to foreclose a mortgage. Having and the small Bible in his coat and having covered the large one with the mortgage, Tom is helpless to prevent the devil from placing him on the essay, which gallops off down the streets of The.

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The main symbol in the story is the veil, which represents death and darkness. Also the veil symbolizes the secret of sin.

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The veil and is the antagonist of the story because it creates walker the the devils, who are the protagonists. The veil is unknown to the town tom essay the reader, which brings up [URL] point of tom fear of the unknown and the nature of and. The story also presents the idea essay devil, Mr. Hooper is isolated because he is different that everyone else, walker to The Proctor in The Crucible.

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The Crucible is a historical story dealing with real events [URL] the time period of the Puritans. John Proctor isolates himself when goes against the mob walker and realizes the truth of the cases.

Several innocent people died because they tom the unknown and went and what everyone else was doing. John Proctor was a man of essay nature and died for his devil. The girls brought up an idea of Satan being present in Salem and the idea of witchcraft.


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In Puritan times this was a major event and and was extremely feared by the town and by the judges. The girls in the story lie and accuse others to essay them selves because The society was so strict they would have been punished severely.

They are all tom Miller brings up the idea of selfishness; the walkers will say anyone is a witch and let them die if they are protected. The same goes for Tom Walker and Mr.